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As a metal fabricator, we offer a wide range of services to our clients. We have over 50 machines that are ready to manipulate metal in any way necessary. Our skilled professionals use the latest techniques and equipment to deliver high-quality products and services. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for all your metal fabrication needs.

4 inch Al

Waterjet Cutting

Water cutting for the untypical of sheet metal laser cutting. Thick metal plate, stone, plastics and wood from 3/4 of an inch up to 8". the largest our table can cut is 80x160 inches


High precision typically .003 depending on the thickness and materials., Trupart has been waterjet cutting for over 20 years and familiar with proper cutting techniques ensuring a quality cut on hard to machine materials.


Garolite, carbon fiber, laminates and glass are no match for our machinists and table size!

Laser Cutting Tube and Plate

Our laser is capable of cutting up to 3/4 of an inch steel plate with a smoot surface. Aluminum and stainless we go up to half-inch. Anything thicker we put in our high precision waterjet. Nitrogen is our assist gas of choice. It's a little more expensive to run but cuts faster, leaves no oxide to grind off or chipped power coat, plus it looks amazing!


We don't stop at just blanking your parts. Full on-site fabrication so we can control every aspect of your parts. Parts stay safe in our factory, where you can track it on our one of a kind TruTrack job scheduling board. See where your job is in the factory, check out some shop talk, see updates of pictures, questions employees have for the office, just don't ask us to anodize stainless, you might read about it in the comments of the card

Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping our found Karl Schlosser's bread and butter. Machines cast in metal, built to last century's like heirlooms, typical of that generations quality. One we strive to achieve by the minute
Time-tested, reject rates of 0.02 consistently for 46 years, we make mistakes, the numbers don't lie though. It's rare, we don't charge enough to do the job twice
Brilliant people making quality parts with engineers who can build rockets, cars, or whatever is called upon. Quite frankly, they have built all that and I'm sure other items that are so top secret we'd be shot if we knew

3D Printing

A revolution is on the horizon. Parts made overnight, in quantities that will blow your mind. 100's of parts manufactured overnight by machines that require no tooling

Impossible? Not anymore. At Trupart, we have developed a proprietary process that allows us to 3D print difficult geometries, in exotic materials that your big 3 print corporations cannot offer. Our exclusive part finishing strengthens and smooths 3d printed parts closing the gap on injection molding.
Do you like spending 10s of thousands of dollars on tooling and waiting 3 month, then sending back to touch it up because it was off a couple thou?
Well your dream has come tru. Produce3D our inhouse 3D print factory is prepared for your production parts. Multiheaded printers producing hundreds of parts a day.

Flame retardant ABS certed to FAR 25.843, FDA nylon and PETG for food packaging. Just some of our certed materials prepared for your production, or emergency. You can load any cad model to our online instant quote engine and get going yesterday

Design and Engineering

3D Scanners and printers with more software than any one shop needs, engineers who have scrapped out more parts in their life it would make you think twice, and fabricators who do their job like their life depended on it. A recipe, that is no secret, develops the skill.


Time is a testament of engineers and fabricators. You wont hold long in this industry with bubble gum welds, scratches all over the sheet metal, bend radius nowhere near, and engineering calling out for anno stainless.

CNC Milling

If you need CNC machining services, look no further than us. Our Haas VF3SS is the perfect machine for the job, with a large envelope that can handle even the most complex projects. We keep plenty of tools on hand, ensuring that your parts are cut fast and accurately. Our skilled operators have years of experience and are dedicated to delivering quality results every time.

Laser Engraving

Our Multi beam laser engraver is a dynamic and compact engraving and cutting apparatus, embodying dual-laser technology, encompassing a 10W 450nm laser and a 2W 1064nm laser within its sleek design. This dual-laser setup not only propels the engraving velocity to a remarkable 1200mm/s but also facilitates a seamless transition between the two laser strengths with just a swipe, enabling a range of engraving and cutting applications

Vacum Forming

Multiplier is engineered to rapidly produce ultra precise molds and final parts in-house, embodying industrial power for scaling at high velocity while offering total control. It exhibits a 60 psi pressure capacity, 220°C heating power, and a safe forming area of 380mm, promoting enhanced precision and expanding operational possibilities​1​. This tool can significantly augment Trupart Manufacturing's prototyping and small-scale production capabilities, aligning with the innovative essence of your services.

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